Hurray, games! This is where you'll earn a majority of your cards. Games are updated every Saturday, and Monthly games are updated on the first of the month. Unless otherwise stated on the game page, follow these handy tips:
-All answers will be in lowercase
-Do not use spaces or punctuation
-For numbers use digits (ie 1, 2, 3)
-Don't forget to read the page carefully! Some games may have an exception to these hints!
If you know you have the right answer and think I made a mistake (it happens), let me know via a contact form, private message or email!

Biweekly One

Game Description
Puzzle Put the picture back together
Warped Identify the card
Lottery Pick those lucky numbers
War Demacia vs Noxus
Number Guess Pick a number
Spin to Win Spin spin spin

Biweekly Two

Game Description
Jigsaw A little different than normal
Freebies Free cards
Lucky Match Do you have these cards?
Slots Match three to win
Xs and Os Three in a row
Hangman Guess the champion
Memory Simple combat training


Game Description
Puzzle Series Assemble all five puzzles in a row
Mini Mastery Collect five specially themed cards
Dressup Dress champs to suit the occasion
Group Collect Work together to complete the deck


Game Description
Member Cards View the gallery and get your own
Stamp Cards Trade in stamp cards for rewards
Doubles Exchange Swap duplicate cards
Coupon Exchange Exchange coupons for cards